Where to Go Wild in the British Isles : A Month-by-Month Guide to the Best Nature Experiences

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Hardback 02/06/2022

A beautiful photographic guide to British flora and fauna through the year and around the British Isles, from remote beaches to wetland centers, fens to forests, valleys to island and more!

Do you know where to find an adder, or where to spot a seal? And do you know the best time of year to go in search of booming bitterns or boxing hares? If you’re seeking the answers to all these questions and more, then this may be book for you!

It’s no secret that Britain is home to a huge variety of flora and fauna. From the countryside and national parks, to the coastline, the woods, fields, forests and more. Where To Go Wild in the British Isles unveils the most spectacular wild places to visit all year round. Search by time of year, destination, wildlife attraction, or simply flick through the pages and be inspired!

With over 125 great wildlife sights and wild places, there’s something for everyone – from pine martens, nesting kingfishers, and woodland butterflies, to whale watching, fishing otters, and rutting red deer. These are brought to life with stunning photography, making this book a delight to browse through as well being a working travel guide.

Immerse yourself in the pages of this inspiring habitat book to discover:

-Stunning photography and evocative text combines with practical travel information to make this book both a coffee-table must-have and a working travel guide
-Entries include a locator map and practical information about each place
-A comprehensive reference section at the back lists details of over 500 wild places to visit in all regions of the British Isles

A must-have volume for nature lovers of all ages, whether budding botanists or inspect spotters alike, Where To Go Wild in the British Isles is perfect as a gift or self-purchase, and can easily be used by travellers and tourists who enjoy exploring the UK and the great outdoors. With details of over 500 wild places to visit in all regions of the UK, from the Scottish islands to the Channel Islands; and East Anglia to Northern Ireland, as well as practical advice on what to take on your trip and top tips and tricks on wildlife spotting and the country code, this all-encompassing wildlife guide is sure to delight!